Browsing published data

All published data is accessible to everybody with no need for user authentication.

Map view

The map view shows resources in Early Watercraft database on a map. Each resource has a default marker, showing the position on the map; Early Watercraft resource shows additional icons depending on the type of Watercraft. When the resources are crowded (or the map is zoomed out), the icon only shows the number of resources. When clicked, the map will automatically zoom to the resources in that region. When clicked on a single resource (ie. Early Watercraft), a popup window appears, showing basic info. To show all resource data, select the ‘View Report’ button.

Icon types

Icons on the map are shown based on Watercraft type:

Icon Type
default Default marker
boat Boat
coracle Coracle
raft Raft
canoe Canoe
kayak Kayak
board Board
paddle Paddle
sail Sail
frame Frame

If Early Watercraft isn’t an original, icons have additional markings in the upper right corner:

Marking Type
REP Replica
REC Reconstruction
VRC Virtual reconstruction
MOD Model


These icons and markings are temporary and will be changed in the near future.


The icons used in Early Watercraft resources have a color based on the type of materials used:

Material Color
Log Brown
Bamboo Green
Bark Gray
Reed Orange
Skin Pink


A resource report shows all data for the selected resource. The report page only shows the data that were entered, empty sections of the report are not shown.

Pictures, saved in related Information resources, are shown in the resource summary, all other related resources are shown as links in the ‘Related Resources’ section.

Supported 3D models (PLY, OBJ, STL) are listed in a separate group and can be viewed as digital representation of the related Information Resource.


3D models are powered by 3DHOP (PLY) and JSC3D (OBJ, STL) engine. Some older 3D GPU might cause some performance issues and require some special preparation of 3D models.

The report is accessible via ‘Report’ button on the map or by clicking on the resource name (search results or edit page).