What is Early Watercraft?

Early Watercraft is a web application which contains all known data about Slovenian logboats, published by Miran Erič, MSc at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (IPCHS). It’s powered by Arches (v3.0), an open-source, web based geospatial information system for cultural heritage inventory and management.

Project’s background

Early Watercraft is a research project, developed by Bojan Kastelic within post graduate thesis at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, mentored by prof. Franc Solina, PhD (Head of Computer Vision Laboratory). The project coincided with the first meeting of the ‘Global Initiative - Early Watercraft – A global perspective of invention and development’ and was adapted to meet the goals of the initiative - to try out Arches as a framework for a global perspective of invention and development of Early Watercraft.


Data entry into Early Watercraft is still in progress. Currently it includes detailed information on nearly all known logboats found in the area of Ljubljansko Barje, Slovenia. These data represent the discussion basis for the Global Initiative. If proven worthy, this project’s scope will expand to include Early Watercraft data of the entire world.